The first glimpse of the hidden palm grove comes as you break through thick vegetation—bordered by fig, almond, and walnut trees—to emerge, unexpectedly, into a lush oasis. Brimming with wildlife and surrounded by rocky mountains, it feels like you’ve dropped into the Garden of Eden.

Reaching the oasis is an adventure in itself as the nearly four-and-a-half mile access route is hard-packed undulating terrain resembling a rocky lunar landscape. It was just the right amount of rugged for me—I felt like Dakar Rally winner Sam Sunderland, winding the bike up to 60mph as the rear Michelins scrambled for traction.

Fording the shallow water near Fint Oasis in Morocco.Oscar Kornyei

Ride across a pebble-floored creek (where Berber women were washing their laundry in the clear mountain water upstream) and then onto a sandy path—bordered on one side by a palm forest and a creek on the other. A sudden left turn takes you back through the dense palm forest and alongside an abandoned and crumbling mud brick village, complete with a “kasbah,” or fortress.

Our afternoon rest stop was a mountain-top inn with an outdoor terrace, giving incredible panoramic views of the oasis. Moroccan specialties of sweet mint tea and freshly squeezed orange juice were welcome refreshment, along with the stuffed dates and flatbread. The bikes, parked nearby, made the comforting pinging noises that follow what had been a wild ride.