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Spurred by its success in the off-road market, Fly Racing has expanded into producing street gear by offering the Terra Trek adventure-riding jacket. Fly’s industry experience has translated well, and the Terra Trek is a value to be reckoned with. It offers a waterproof chassis, loads of pockets and CE-approved armor at half the price of similarly equipped garments.

Competitive intelligence told Fly that the basics for a good adventure jacket include a durable shell and features that speak to the needs of an adventure rider, and for the most part this is a job the company succeeded in doing. The Terra Trek is crafted from medium-weight 600-denier nylon with heavier 840-denier fabric overlaid on the elbows. After sliding the Terra Trek over your shoulders, it takes a minute to realize why it is so comfortable. The armor at the elbows and shoulders is evident, but not overly stiff and allows for much better range of motion than many jackets—a crucial feature when you’re wrangling a bike off-road.

Standing 6-foot-2, I appreciate Fly’s “Tall” sizing option that provides lanky types with added sleeve length. Although the tall sizes are only available in black (standard sizes come in black, red, blue, silver and hi-viz yellow), angels sing every time I don the Terra Trek and the cuffs actually cover my wrists while in the riding position. The arm circumference is adjustable, and straps at the hips, waist and torso let you take in extra fabric in those areas—especially helpful when you’re adding or subtracting layers. The cuffs utilize a slice of wetsuit-like material to offer the option of over- or under-glove positioning. Storage is addressed by a plethora of pockets: 10 to be exact, including three internal ones and a larger rear cargo pouch. I’ve worn the Terra Trek through a Northern California winter, and the Hydraguard-backed chassis effectively sealed out a variety of precipitation. The jacket has a full-sleeve thermal liner for use during cool weather and vents at the shoulders and back for when it’s hot.

There is really only one area where Fly missed the mark. The collar tapers from the back, and doesn’t come up high enough in the front to keep the chill off your neck. A taller, more purposeful collar that secures with a snap instead of scratchy Velcro would be appreciated. Wearing a high-collared, windproof thermal layer will nullify the problem of wind chill, but won’t stop rain from seeping down the neck opening.

An updated second version of the Terra Trek will be available soon, and while it has a two-way main zipper and bigger pull-tabs that are easier to use with gloves on, it will have the same short collar. Even so, for a first attempt the Terra Trek is a terrific effort. If you’re looking for a highly functional three-season jacket for commuting or touring, the Terra Trek is an affordable option—especially if you’re tall.

Fly Terra Trek Jacket
PRICE: $194.95
CONTACT: Fly Racing
Verdict 4 out of 5 stars
A great jacket with a feel and features well beyond its price

The Hydraguard membrane is laminated to the chassis fabric for waterproofing without a separate rain liner. Thermal liner pockets are mirrored in the shell.
The Hydraguard membrane is laminated to the chassis fabric for waterproofing without a separate rain liner. Thermal liner pockets are mirrored in the shell.