First Look: Samsung Head-Up Display Smart Windshield For Motorcycles

Spoiler Alert: Cell Phone Company Wants Motorcyclists to See Texts While Riding

Does the practical application of a head-up display on a motorcycle windshield outweigh the potential distraction? Voice your opinion in the comments.©Motorcyclist

You've always wanted to read your texts or use your phone while riding, right? Yea, here at Motorcyclist we just can't wait to stop and get off the bike so we can get back to texting, fantasy sports, and conference calls! Errrr, no—it's actually the exact opposite. Anytime we can escape a screen showing emails to twist the throttle and carve some corners we take the opportunity. Which is one reason why this "smart" windshield from Samsung is a little baffling. Check out the video:

Lots of you out there are probably like us: You’d rather just shut your phone off and ride than try to combine the two. Then again we’ll be the first to admit that this Samsung Bluetooth windshield probably has some practical application in the market. If you’re an executive at some big company and you’re expected to be available whenever the sun is up, you might rather use this nifty Heads-Up Display on a three-wheeled scooter than sit in your S-class ‘Benz as you commute across Barcelona.

Head-Up Display technology has been aimed at motorcycling for a while now—lots of talk of helmets with built-in HUD setups, or aftermarket HUD projectors that attach to any helmet. But we haven’t seen HUD products really take off. Practically, Samsung knows people are desperate to use their phones, and applying HUD technology to the world of two wheels opens up a new market for electronics companies like Samsung. So, who can blame them.

Two HUD Products That We Still Haven't Seen:

It also means the potential for people who aren’t currently on two wheels to start using a motorcycle or scooter. Sure, the idea that this HUD windshield has been all that’s keeping people from two-wheeled transport is pretty silly, but in theory it could be true. Which brings us to the ultimate dilemma: Do we, as motorcycle enthusiasts, applaud this technology as bringing motorbikes into the modern fold and welcome the people who use it? Or do we turn our backs on the whole concept and attempt to keep motorcycling segregated from the frenetic bustle and perpetual distraction of the modern world?

The HUD windshield is, perhaps, the foie gras of motorcycling. People agree that it is delicious, but either disagree with its preparation or are too disgusted with the idea to eat it. There's no doubting that this HUD tech is sci-fi sexy, but we have to question the motives and the safety. We're testers here at Motorcyclist, so until we try something we won't say that it's a bad idea. Let's just say we're skeptical.