By the Numbers: Seth Enslow vs. Death

Seth Enslow has been synonymous with busting big since he busted up a Suzuki RM250 and himself after sailing 230 feet off the top of a giant sand dune in the original Crusty Demons of Dirt. That was 16 years ago and he's still not afraid of a little pain. Or even a lot, literally caving his head in crash-landing a Service Honda CR500 some 245 ft. after lift-off in 1999. Most attempts at maximum air involve that sort of fortified motocross bike, but after flying 301 ft. at the Fleshwound Films Night of Records in 2008, Seth decided to leave the absolute distance record to guys like mad Aussie Robbie Maddison. There are safer ways to bust big ... like busting bigger than anyone on a Harley! Before Seth cued up his long-travel XR1200-specially fortified for the occasion by Gavin Walker at Quick-Fix Motorcycles in Mildura, Australia-that record was held by Bubba Blackwell, who cleared 20 cars on an XR750 in 1998, beating the amazingly durable 19-car record set by the immortal Evel Knievel in 1971.

12 Time spent on ramp design, construction and logistics, in months
183.7 Length of Seth Enslow's record jump, in feet
175 Length of first jump the cameras missed
133 Length of Evel Knievel's 1975 King's Island jump
14 Greyhound busses cleared in Knievel's jump
157 Length of Bubba Blackwell's 1999 Las Vegas jump
15 Tour busses cleared in Blackwell's jump
351 Robbie Maddison's 2008 record jump
213 Dry weight of Maddison's Service Honda CR500, in pounds
551 Dry weight of Harley-Davidson XR1200
295 Dry weight of Harley-Davidson XR750
375 Weight of the world's heaviest jumper,
"Big Ed" Beckley
14 Cars cleared in record man/dog jump, set by "Reckless Rex" Phelps and Tonka

Seth vs. Death