Black Widow Wheel Chock | MC Tested

If you use a rear stand to support your motorcycle while doing maintenance, you know that maneuvering the machine onto the stand by yourself can be a little dicey. With the Black Widow wheel chock, you can literally ride your bike into the stand and step off. It’s terrific for the garage and awesome for loading bikes into the back of a truck since it supports the motorcycle while you cinch the tie-downs.

Unlike a paddock stand, the Black Widow isn’t limited to sportbikes with swingarm spools; you can use it with dirtbikes and cruisers, too. In fact, anything with a front wheel diameter between 17 and 21 inches works. For sportbike-standard 17-inch wheels, we found that putting the upper stop and cradle in the rearmost position provided the best support, the bike remaining stable even when rolled in at an odd angle.

The Black Widow is made of sturdy steel and assembles in about 5 minutes. Even better, it costs about half the price of similar products. Hard-rubber end caps provide traction, but also tend to pop off. Squirt some rubber cement into the caps when you push them back on and they’ll stay put. My only other gripe is that hot roadrace tires have a tendency to stick to the upper tire stop, making it a struggle to roll the bike out of the chock once the tire cools. Putting a rag over the upper brace prevents the problem, but at the end of a track session I rarely remember to do that. MC

Black Widow Wheel Chock
PRICE: $79.99
CONTACT: Discount Ramps
Verdict 4.5 out of 5 stars
Like having a second set of hands.