Avon Introduces the TrekRider ADV Tire Line

The British brand’s new TrekRider offers a high-tech and more trail-biased ADV tire.

New Avon TrekRider ADV tire
The new TrekRider boasts a 50/50 (road/off-road) balance between street and off-road performance.Photo: Avon

For adventure riders who like the on-road qualities of the Avon TrailRider (see our 2015 review here) but are looking for more grip and better handling after the pavement ends will want to check out the new Avon TrekRider, a specially formulated multi-terrain tire that boasts a 50/50 (road/off-road) balance between street and off-road performance.

Avon claims that the TrekRider can move from street to trail with ease, while taking on mud, loose soil, gravel and rocks with responsive handling. Enhanced cross-ply construction with blended tread compounds combine to deliver impressive grip and handling in both dry and wet conditions.

“The TrekRider has been tested alongside some of the best competitive products in the market with impressive results, logging thousands of miles of applied testing using some of the most popular motorcycles including Triumph, Yamaha and BMW,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Tyres. “This tire has passed every test with flying colors, and we’re proud to bring it to adventure sport enthusiasts.”

The TrekRider is scheduled to debut early in 2017 in two front and four rear sizes. For more information, visit www.AvonMoto.com.