5 Questions With...Charley, Boorman - Up To Speed

Charley Boorman, 41, is best known as Ewan McGregor's partner in the Long Way Round (London to New York) and Long Way Down (Scotland to South Africa) TV series. He also did a documentary on the Race to Dakar, but broke both hands during Stage 5 and failed to finish. Son of film director John Boorman (Deliverance, Excalibur and The General), Boorman is an actor himself and lives with his wife and two children in London, England.

Q: With the Long Ways and the Race to Dakar done, are you content? Is there any adventure left?
A: There is plenty of adventure left; this is just the beginning. I think there's a ton of things Ewan and I can still do. You know, when you come up with a trip you start talking about other trips. We've always spoken about the Long Way Up, from South America to North America. Maybe in a couple of years we'll do that.

Q: Can you ever sit on a BMW R1200GS again after all those miles?
A: Yes, I ride one every day in London. I ride year-round on my GS. I just bought a Beta 400, I have a dirtbike, I've got my own Dakar Rally bike, a sportbike, I'm having a custom built at the moment...I'll ride anything that's got two wheels.

Q: What is your main strength and weakness as an adventurer?
A: I suppose my strength is that I have a real desire to travel and see new people and ride in new places. I love travelling. As for my weakness, I am a little bit impatient and feel the need to hurry a lot.

Q: Did your impatience ever eat into your relationship with Ewan?
A: Absolutely! I think that when you are with someone for a long period of time, you are going to have periods when you get on each other's nerves. You have good days and bad days, and you can't be perfect all the time. It's a bit like a marriage-you have to take time to talk to each other.

Q: Testicle-and-eyeball soup, margherita pizza or a gourmet meal?
A: I think all three, depending on the circumstances. Starving hungry in Africa, when someone offers you a very basic meal, you would be just as happy eating that as a gourmet meal.