2011 Ural Tourist Review


Produced in Russia, the 2011 Ural Tourist is known for its relatively low price for a bike with a sidecar. Both the driver seat and the sidecar's seating are wrapped in vinyl. The sturdy design of the Ural dates back to the Second World War. Should the electric start fail, there is a kick start to ignite the engine as well. The classic styling is very attractive, and the paintjobs are smooth and vibrant. The 19-inch tires allow for excellent traction and control over the motorcycle, and the sidecar works for both seating and extra storage. The additional covers are available in camouflage tonneau, and they greatly reduce the amount of dust and debris that can reach the motorbike when parked. The motor is heat resistant, which helps it remain calm and powerful during extended usage. The light vibrations of the engine make the ride smooth, and while it's not ideal for interstate use, it can take a stretch if needed. With the sidecar, there is adequate seating for up to three passengers. The only standard instrumentation is a speedometer and odometer. The sidecar has a trunk for extra storage.

The Ural Tourist comes equipped with a 749-cc, horizontally opposed, two-cylinder engine that produces 40 horsepower and 38 lb-ft of torque. The fuel supply is managed by a Keihin L 22 AA carburetor, which allows for decent fuel economy of 23/33 mpg city/highway. The main gas tank holds five gallons, and the reserve tank holds one gallon in case of emergency need. The 2011 Ural Tourist 750 requires premium gas to run, making the fuel economy not that impressive. The use of electric or kick starting means that any electric problems or cold starts can be cranked rather than rely solely on the push button mechanism. Bore and stroke are measured at 3.07 inches by 3.07 inches. The transmission is a four-speed, manual transmission that includes a reverse gear, a great luxury in motorized bikes. The Ural Tourist features 19-inch chromed, aluminum wheels, and the brakes are an excellent high-quality Brembo brand. The suspension is developed by Sachs, with a leading link fork in the front and steel, twin sided swing arm suspension in the back.

The Ural Tourist's top speed is only 60 miles per hour. The fact that the Ural isn't widely popular in America make it difficult to fix without professional help, and the quality just doesn't quite match up to some of the better brands. As is usual with Ural, the electronics and mechanics are a bit dated, and between model years there are barely a difference in the engines. Despite the attractive styling and decent performance from the engine that requires little maintenance, other than the usual maintenance to keep it up and running, the Ural just doesn't perform as well as the competition. If left to back roads and smaller highways, it's an excellent choice. When it comes to traveling long distances, there are better picks.

New For 2011

  • Other than a slight increase on the price, there are literally no changes for this carried-over Ural Tourist.

2011 Ural Tourist Specs

  • Model: Ural Tourist 750
  • Engine Type: 749-cc, two cylinder
  • Bore and Stroke: 3.07 inches and 3.07 inches
  • Compression ratio: 8.6:1
  • Valve Train: overhead valve, two valves per cylinder
  • Induction: Air
  • Ignition: Electric and kick
  • Transmission: four-speed manual with reverse
  • Final Drive: Shaft
  • Fuel Capacity: five gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: 26/33 mpg city/highway
  • Brakes (Front): Brembo hydraulic, 11.6-inch disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Brembo drum
  • Suspension (Front): Sachs leading link fork
  • Suspension (Rear): twin sided swing arm
  • Wheelbase: 59 inches
  • Rake: N/A
  • Trail: N/A
  • Seat Height: 31 inches
  • Curb Weight: 738 pounds
  • Tires (Front): 4.0 X 19
  • Tires (Rear): 4.0 X 19


  • A bench-stepped seat is available for two riders on the main seat.
  • A stamped rack can be attached to the rear bumper for additional storage capabilities.
  • An optional camo tonneau used to cover the sidecar. Unfortunately, the tonneau does not allow for the use of the sidecar windshield that is also available.
  • Luggage rack can be added to hold a spare wheel in case of emergencies.
  • Metal fairing is available for use off-road, which greatly reduces drag.
  • Optional sidecar bumper adds protection to the sidecar and its passenger
  • A spotlight is also available for ease of visibility when the situation arises.

Key Competitors For The 2011 Ural Tourist

  • Yamaha V Star 950
  • Chang-Jiang 750 M1 Super
  • Kawasaki W800
  • Honda Shadow RS
  • Triumph America Classic Touring