2008 Hyosung Aquila Review


Hyosung is not a common name to United State motorcyclists. However, this Korean company has been working unnoticed in the background of the motorcycle world for over 30 years. In the late 1970s, Hyosung partnered with Suzuki, creating motors for the well-known Suzuki motorcycles. In 1988, Hyosung was the official motorcycle supplier of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In 2005, Hyosung established a North American division of the company. Ever since then, this motorcycle manufacturer has been quietly improving their bikes and becoming more competitive in the United States market. Because of these improvements, Hyosung is beginning to transform the opinions of many American motorcyclists about Asian motorcycles. Hyosung proves that Asian motorcycles are just as reliable and stylish as many American bikes, and the 2008 Hyosung Aquila demonstrates this fact. An added bonus is that Hyosung gives consumers great-looking motorcycles at very economical prices.

The 2008 Hyosung Aquila is the perfect motorcycle for bikers who covet the look of a Harley-Davidson but cannot afford the Harley price tag. The Aquila exudes style, and this bike guarantees that drivers will be getting stares from bystanders. The Aquila's style features plenty of shiny chrome and glossy sliver-painted metal, and it has a low-slung, cruiser appearance. The Aquila is built on a bigger scale than many other 250-cc bikes, so it gives the impression that it is much more powerful than it actually is. Those who are new to motorcycling may find that the Aquila is a good starter bike, allowing beginners to gain skill at motorcycling before they invest big money in a larger, more powerful bike.

Owners have been pleasantly surprised at the performance and durability of the 2008 Hyosung Aquila. Even though this bike is inexpensive, it does not feel like a ""cheap"" ride. The Aquila provides excellent power, especially considering that it only has a 250-cc engine. It is perfect for riding around town, but even on the highway, it can easily go between 70 and 75 miles per hour. The Hyosung Aquila is a rather heavy bike, but the weight is distributed well, and the handling is excellent. Owners reported that the frame is solidly built, and the whole bike feels very substantial while on the road.

Even better than the appearance and feel of the 2008 Aquila is the money that this bike can save those that buy it. Not only is the initial purchase price less expensive than many other similar bikes, but this motorcycle merely sips gasoline. Some owners report that the 2008 Hyosung Aquila achieves 65 miles per gallon. Additionally, the fuel tank is a good size, holding 3.7 gallons of fuel, so owners can ride quite a long way before having to stop to refuel.

New For 2008

  • The weight of the 2008 Hyosung Aquila gives it a solid feel and allows it to handle like a larger bike.
  • The 2008 Hyosung Aquila features under-seat, lockable storage.

2008 Hyosung Aquila Specs

  • Models: 2008 Hyosung GV250 Aquila, 2008 Hyosung GV650 Aquila
  • Engine Type: Four stroke, V-twin
  • Bore and Stroke: 57 millimeters/ 2.24 inches; 48.8 millimeters/ 1.92 inches
  • Compression ratio: 10.2:1
  • Valve Train: DOHC
  • Induction: Mikuni carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: Manual, five speed
  • Fuel Capacity: 14 liters / 3.7 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: 25.5-27.6 kilometers per liter / 60-65 mpg
  • Brakes (Front): Hydraulic disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Drum
  • Suspension (Front): Telescopic fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Twin sided, swing arm
  • Wheelbase: 1500 millimeters/ 59.1 inches
  • Seat Height: 700 millimeters/ 27.6 inches
  • Curb Weight: 191 kilograms/ 341.7 pounds
  • Tires (Front): 110/90 R16 59S
  • Tires (Rear): 150/80 R15 66S


  • Because the 2008 Hyosung Aquila has been on the market for several years, finding after-market, universal accessories is fairly easy.
  • Many riders opt to install windscreens on their 2008 Aquilas for greater comfort while riding on the highway.
  • Custom back rests are available to enhance the comfort of the ride and combat fatigue on long rides.

Key Competitors For The 2008 Hyosung Aquila

  • 2008 Honda CB250 Nighthawk
  • 2008 Rhino Hunter Softail STP-003
  • 2008 AlphaSports Alpha 250 V-Twin Classic
  • 2008 Tank Sports Vision 250 R3