Helmets were a hot commodity at AIMExpo this year, with dozens of new offerings from as many manufacturers. Retro moto lids and military style helmets were everywhere, with most helmet makers attributing the trend to the rising popularity of scrambler- and cafe-style bikes like the new BMW RnineT Scrambler and Yamaha SCR900. In no particular order, here's a rundown of 10 helmets that caught our eye.

Bell Moto 3
Bell’s original 1975 Moto Star was the first full-face off-road helmet. It’s back for 2017.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Grab your goggles and get retro! Motocrossing baby-boomers will remember when Bell's original Moto 3 was the new helmet to have back in the mid-'70s, and who would've guessed that 40 years later that same design would ride a growing wave of retro styling that includes hooligan racers and urban street riders. The new Moto 3 matches the model's original styling (just like the Bullitt matches the original Star's look) and includes retro solid colors as well as some really rad graphics. In the market for the Chemical Candy one up front? You can buy it HERE. Pick your favorite, they're all $350.

Simpson Ghost Bandit helmet
Simpson is getting into graphics for the first time since the company was founded in ‘59.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Ever since Simpson started making helmets in 1974, your color options were limited to solids, and usually only black or white. But times are a changin' and the heavily competition-oriented company founded by racer Bill Simpson in 1959 is adding its first-ever graphic called "Subdued" which made its debut at AIMExpo 2016. The colorway is indeed subdued, with a patriotic stars and stripes motif in silver over black. Photos really don't do it justice—this thing is beautiful. The Ghost Bandit has a drop-down tinted shield, DOT and ECE certifications, and carries a $480 price tag.

Shark Skwal helmet with LED
Looking to be conspicuous? A light-up lid ought to do the trick.GIF by Julia LaPalme

How could we not notice Shark's new Skwal? Shoot, we could see it blinking from across the showroom floor. And that's the point—LED arrays in the brow, chin vents and backside add visibility and style for those that like to stand out. Powered by a micro-USB-rechargeable battery, the green LED can be set to constant or blinking. The Skwal has a Pinlock-ready visor, drop-down sun visor, and ratchet-style chin strap, plus other features that make it a functional street helmet. Pricing runs $250 in solids, $280 with graphics. Buy one with graphics HERE. shark-helmets.com

Scorpion Covert helmet
This 3-in-1 helmet was a big hit at the show. Scorpion says folks were trying to buy the samples all weekend. Now, you can buy it HERE.Photo: Julia LaPalme

The new Covert lid looks ready for SWAT-team duty, and it was causing quite a stir at Scorpion's AIMExpo booth. As Scorpion put it, "we took a half helmet and made it badass." Riders like to have the ability to change their style depending on what and where they're riding, and the Covert can be converted from half helmet to a ¾-helmet to a full-face helmet. The Covert goes for just $210 in solid colors and is $230 in the "Ratkin" graphics shown here.

Shark Vancore helmet
Shark's Vancore would look good on any number of retro bikes. Buy It NowPhoto: Julia LaPalme

What do ya know, another urban/retro/moto mashup helmet. These things are popping up everywhere! Shark's Vancore leans towards the off-road side of things thanks to that contoured moto-style chin bar and the included goggles, which have a pretty cool quick-release function. The Vancore comes in a bunch of colors, including subdued solids, flashy graphics, and cool camo options. All styles sell for $300.

Arai Signet-X helmet
Arai updates the Signet Q with a new faceshield, hinge system, vents, and more.Photo: Julia LaPalme

There isn't a lot we can say about the new Signet-X that will surprise you. It offers the familiar round-oval fit of a few other Arai helmets, as well as the most recent VAS shield system, which is much easier to use than old Arais and is also compatible with the Pro Shade System. We've spent a little time in this lid and, as usual, the fit was terrific. Also as usual, it seems a little noisier than some other helmets, especially when the brow vents are open. The redesigned vents move air pretty well though, making it a solid all-around helmet. Pricing for solid colors starts at $680 and goes all the way up to $830 for spicy graphics.

Shoei RF-SR helmet
The new Shoei RF-SR will come in a variety of unusual solid colors. Buy It NowPhoto: Julia LaPalme

The RF-SR is fresh off the Shoei presses, so much so that we've only seen the prototypes. By March of 2017, we're told, the RF-SR will be in showrooms with a price of $400. That puts it pretty close to Shoei's Qwest, so we'll see if the RF-SR takes over for the Qwest eventually. In the meantime, the first batch will be differentiated from the Qwest by only being available in solid colors. Aside from being a little cheaper, the RF-SR also separates itself from the RF-1200 by having a slightly looser fit. We tried on the prototypes and it definitely doesn't feel as snug as the RF-1200, but Shoei is betting that'll be more attractive for commuters and newer riders.

Vemar Zephyr
Vemar has relaunched itself as a budget helmet brand.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Vemar fell off the map for a little while, but the Italian company is back on the market with a totally revamped product line. The aim for Vemar now is affordability (it was a distinctly premium brand before), and the best bang for the buck in the lineup is the new Zephir. At $169 it's easy on the budget, and with a Pinlock-ready visor, drop-down sun shield, and adjustable vent system the Vemar is a good match for everyday riding.

Klim Krios
The Krios is also available with a SENA 10U communicator pre-installed for, gasp, $800!Photo: Julia LaPalme

Klim is all about premium products, and for its latest foray into helmets Klim claims to crush the competition in terms of comfort, aerodynamics, weight, and acoustics with the new Krios ADV helmet. Our Associate Editor Julia LaPalme wore a pre-production Krios during a recent trip through the Sierra Nevada and confirmed that the lid is indeed top notch, especially in terms of comfort. "It's like having your head in a bucket of pillows," she says. And it should for $550! You can get it in Matte Black HERE.

Nexx XG100 helmet
The XG100 is all about performance.Photo: Julia LaPalme

The XG100 isn't a new helmet, but the Acid graphic shown here is new for 2017 and AIMExpo was its first public appearance. The XG100 is a top-tier sport and race lid featuring a carbon-fiber and aramid shell for reduced weight, a flat visor for tear offs, a spoiler for optimum aero, quick-release cheek pads for easy removal in an emergency, loads of vents for plenty of cooling airflow, and loads of other features. It'll retail for around $550 and be available in early 2017.