Yamaha XSR900 Gunfighter Seats From Corbin

Corbin announces the new Gunfighter and Lady Saddle for Yamaha’s retro naked machine.

Yamaha XSR900 seats from Corbin
The Yamaha XSR900 outfitted with the new Corbin Gunfighter and Lady saddle and optional backrest for two-up riding.Photo: Corbin

Yamaha borrowed bits from its FJ-09 and FZ-09 to give us distinct retro styling with a dynamic improvement over its popular FZ platform mate. With firmer suspension and roomy ergos, some XSR900 riders may be looking for a more sporting seat option to fine-tune the ride.

Corbin Gunfighter and Lady saddle for XSR900
The Gunfighter and Lady saddle can be ordered with or without the yellow piping. The optional Corbin backrest shown above can be installed with a single bolt.Photo: Corbin

With a tail section shaped to emulate the retro lines of the XSR, the Corbin Gunfighter is a leather solo seat designed with short-trip passenger capability. And new to the Corbin line for 2017 is the Gunfighter and Lady saddle that provides sculpted seating positions for both rider and passenger. As with other seats in the Corbin product line, the XSR Gunfighter and Gunfighter and Lady seats disperse body weight across a greater area while curbing the tendency to slide towards the tank under braking which will help to reduce fatigue.

Gunfighter solo saddle for XSR900
The solo Gunfighter can be order with yellow leather to match the factory Yamaha retro paint scheme or in all black. The tail that resembles a hard cowl is actually padded for short-trip passenger capability.Photo: Corbin

Corbin's patented molding and manufacturing process provides a precision fit to the tank and tail section while the whole saddle rides on rubber bumpers to protect the bike's paint. Both saddles install just like stock and use the factory key lock. All of the necessary brackets come mounted on the saddle so it's ready for immediate installation. Optional backrests install into the Corbin Gunfighter and Lady saddle with just a single bolt.

Corbin Gunfighter and Gunfighter-and-Lady saddles retail for $473. More info available from corbin.com.