Video: Road Rage Fight Between Motorcyclist and Car

Rider's Helmet-Mounted Camera Captures Car-Versus-Bike Battle On City Streets

And here is the most recent example of a car-versus-bike confrontation that can have no winner. It’s a blatant reminder to all of us who ride that there are some drivers out there who have no regard for the safety of somebody on two wheels, regardless of who was at fault.

We’re not certain how this crazy altercation began but one or both of these participants are clearly in need of some anger management. It seems to have started with a simple lane-split by the biker, which angered the guy in the red car who initiated the chase to cut the motorcycle off. This was followed by a tap on the mirror by the biker. The ABC News headlines this video clip as a “Road Rage Fight” but it appears that the driver of the car is the aggressor who appears to be escalating the incident to a whole new level, causing the motorcyclist to ride into oncoming traffic to avoid being rammed. Have you ever encountered this level of road rage? Tell us about it in the comments below.