MC Tested: Ventz Cooling System Jacket Inserts

Air conditioning for your jacket?

The Ventz Cooling cuff vents in place.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Have you ever unzipped the cuff of your jacket just a bit on a really hot day to let fresh, soothing air up your sleeve? I did this one time and a bee flew up my sleeve and stung me. Not my proudest moment on two wheels. Whether or not that happened to British rider Martin Warren isn’t clear, but after a sweaty ride in Southern France he designed these Ventz, and soon had manufactured these little rubber and plastic portals that clip to the end of your jacket and let air rush in to the rescue.

The concept is simple, though it relies on some specific scenarios to work properly. One, there needs to be room in your cuff for another piece of material (those of us with scrawny wrists won’t have a problem). Two, your riding position needs to be such that the Ventz are being hit with strong wind—sometimes that meant flipping them to the underside of the cuff, especially on cruisers.

The Ventz product is a simple device that relies on some specific scenarios to work properly.Photo: Julia LaPalme

The last issue was that I try to wear jackets that fit snugly around my arms, so that armor cannot rotate in the case of a crash. If the arms fit properly, the Ventz don’t work nearly as well because the air has nowhere to go. However, they are handy, easy to pack, inexpensive, and they come in six colors. Plus, the mesh at the front is likely to keep bees out. Always a good thing.

Ventz Cooling System
PRICE: $22

Not quite as awesome in practice as it is an idea.