This Might Be The Best Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Atwyld Alltime is more than just a riding jacket

The Atwyld Alltime Jacket is sturdy, comfortable, and suited for more than motorcycle rides.Jeff Allen

I've never owned a motorcycle jacket that impressed me, and I've had a few. There's always been a need for compromise. I figured the solution must be a jacket for every occasion—for fashion, rain, safety, comfort, and so on. But taking Atwyld's Alltime Moto Jacket on the road, I wasn't sure which occasion I'd be dressing for—the best rides bring a little of everything. The Alltime stood up to all of it.

Made with 1.3-millimeter-thick leather and lined with Kevlar at major impact zones, the jacket is sturdy as hell, but it’s also something I’d happily wear for a non-motorcycle occasion. On its own, the Alltime is easily the best-looking leather jacket in my closet (and as we’ve established, there are half a dozen in there). But combine it with Atwyld’s Convoy Armor Shirt and you’ve got easy-on/easy-off D30 armor protection. Even armored up, it’s comfortable on and off the bike, and fitted for a female body instead of a sized-down men’s design.

The $650 price gets a little harder to swallow when you add the $175 Convoy (kind of a no-brainer, by the way). But that’s a fair price for a boutique product, handmade in Los Angeles. A California-based company with gear designed by women for women, Atwyld has gone out of its way to make a riding jacket without compromise, and it shows.


Grade: A
Summary: This versatile jacket/armor duo impresses a leather cynic.
Price: $650