Testing Klim Dakar Pro Gloves

Simple, comfortable, and durable

Klim Adventure GlovesJulia LaPalme

These adventure gloves from Klim have evolved into a new model, the Dakar Pro, since I started wearing them in 2015. They're essentially a beefed-up version of what an enduro or woods rider would wear, so instead of a textile chassis, these mitts rely on goatskin leather and feature knuckle armor, palm padding, and reflective piping. Like an enduro glove, however, the Adventures are light, with excellent dexterity. Thanks to perforation between the fingers and nylon panels on the back of the hand they're also highly breathable. That makes them ideal for warm-weather cruises or strenuous riding like you'll experience wrangling an ADV bike off-road.

I’ve used the Adventure gloves to protect my paws for years. They’ve endured getting saturated with sweat and filled with sand in the deserts of Peru and getting caked by mud in the Rockies. After all that use, they’re stained and not terribly fresh smelling, but they’re still fully intact and beautifully broken in. The palm leather (double-thick in places) shows no signs of wear or thinning, and the seams are all tight.

If these Adventure gloves sound like a perfect match for your riding, you'll want to order the Dakar Pros. As is Klim's nature, the company updates its products and sometimes transforms them entirely. Such is the case with the Adventures, which have transformed into waterproof, full-leather road gloves. Meanwhile, the Dakar Pros embody all the features of the previous-generation Adventures.


Grade: A+
Summary: Simple, comfortable, and durable protection for dual-sport riding.
Price: $72