Tested: ROK Cargo Straps For Motorcycles

A perfect solution to an old problem!

ROK cargo straps for motorcycles
ROK Straps, a perfect solution to an old problem!©Motorcyclist

It's a problem that's vexed riders since the term "rider" referred to someone on horseback—how do you strap cargo to your steed? I faced that age-old dilemma when I discovered that my track leathers and boots wouldn't fit in the sidecases of the Ducati Multistrada I was going to ride up to a trackday at Laguna Seca. The Ducati has a sizeable rear cargo platform, and I'm pretty handy with a length of rope and a trucker's hitch, but I wanted a cleaner, more secure solution.

That's when I went rummaging through the tote of bungee cords in the MC garage and found a set of ROK Straps. These things are ingenious. This simple combination of webbing, loops, and a length of flat shock cord solves so many problems. The loops easily secure to grab handles or passenger-footpeg brackets (without metal hooks to scratch your paint) and the resilient shock cord squeezes your cargo to keep it in place. To tension the strap you simply pull on the loose end of the webbing, and when it's time to unload your stuff there's a buckle so you can separate the two ends of the strap without removing it from the bike.

ROK Straps come two to a box, and the packaging says the set will secure up to 100 pounds. They secured my leathers, boots, and back and chest protectors wonderfully. Everything remained in place for the entire 400-mile trip up, and when I got to the track I just unsnapped the buckles and unfolded my gear. These 1-inch-wide straps extend to 60 inches, come in a variety of colors, and are just one of a number of sizes and styles of cargo straps offered by ROK Straps.


Price: $22
Contact: rokstraps.com


Verdict: A perfect solution to an old problem!