Every summer, Southern California dirt bikers and surfers trade places for a couple of days for Surfercross. The annual event spends one day at the motocross track followed by another day at the beach, allowing industry folks and pros to try their hands at different sports. To make things interesting, surf and moto competitors are paired together at random. Their individual results are combined and grouped into overall pro and industry scores, netting a winner.

A SoCal heat wave made things especially exciting with temperatures hovering in the high 100s at Milestone MX Park, host of this year's race. Racers were treated to warm water and near-perfect surf conditions on the second day at San Onofre State Beach. Wanna get in on the action next year? Sorry, it's invite-only… But you can always ask! Check out photos from this year's event.

Steve Caballero and Terry Beal surfing
Legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero and motorcycle industry veteran Terry Beal were paired together. The duo placed seventh overall in the industry class.Jeff Allen
Brian Lopes surfing
Retired mountain bike racer Brian Lopes is good at a lot of things… Surfing ain’t one of them.Jeff Allen
Chris Fillmore surfing
Ex-racer and KTM flat-track and roadrace manager Chris Fillmore combined two of his favorite past times at Surfercross.Jeff Allen
Milestone MX Park racers
Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California, hosted the first day’s motocross competition.Jeff Allen
motocross rider at surfercross
Surfercross lets surfers and motorcycle riders trade places for a day to experience the thrill of motocross riding and shredding waves.Jeff Allen
Mike Brown off-road riding
Die-hard off-road rider Mike Brown competed in this year’s event and was teamed with Sunny Garcia.Jeff Allen
motocross at surfercross
And they’re off. Racers begin the motocross portion of Surfercross.Jeff Allen
motocross riders at surfercross
Teammates switch off to each other after every lap with the race being scored as a team.Jeff Allen
Johnny Campbell with surfboard
Baja 1000 champ Johnny Campbell competed in the industry class. He and his teammate finished seventh in the surfing component.Jeff Allen
Mike Brown and Sunny Garcia with surfboards
Off-road racer Mike Brown (left) and pro surfer Sunny Garcia (right) were a dream team and together finished second in the pro class.Jeff Allen