SuperTrapp & Kerker Imposters Return 2-into-1 Equipped Baggers to True Dual Look

SuperTrapp & Kerker Imposter Pipes for 2:1 Equipped Baggers

SuperTrapp and Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs are one of the most popular pipes out there due to their unsurpassed 15% bolt-on performance gains. Due to popular demand, SuperTrapp now offers the Imposter. The Imposter allows riders to return their SuperTrapp 2-into-1 SuperMeg or Kerker 2-into-1 SuperMeg- equipped Bagger to a balanced, stock, True Dual look.

The Imposter is a non-functioning, cosmetic, left-side pipe that mounts at the transmission bracket and to the stock muffler mount bracket. The Imposter does not connect to the 2-into-1 head pipe.

The Imposter is available in Chrome or Black for both the tunable, disc-based SuperTrapp 2-into-1 SuperMeg or the non disc-based Kerker 2-into-1 SuperMeg. The SuperTrapp Imposter includes twenty, 4" discs and a Closed End Cap. The SuperTrapp and Kerker Imposter each include a heat shield.

SuperTrapp Imposter
FLH '09 - '12 769-71580 Chrome MSRP $489.00
FLH '09 - '12 767-71580 Black MSRP $489.00
FLH '85 - '08 769-71574 Chrome MSRP $489.00
FLH '85 - '08 767-71574 Black MSRP $489.00

Kerker Imposter
FLH '09 - '12 169-71580 Chrome MSRP $399.00
FLH '09 - '12 167-71580 Black MSRP $399.00
FLH '85 - '08 169-71574 Chrome MSRP $399.00
FLH '85 - '08 167-71574 Black MSRP $399.00

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