Is This Custom Zero SR/F The Future Of Motorcycles?

Untitled Motorcycles takes the Zero SR/F electric bike to the future.

The Zero XP custom from Untitled Motorcycles features custom CNC’d 6061 aerospace aluminum for the seat shell, nose, bellypan, and fork brackets.Ludovic Robert

Untitled Motorcycles is a design company that was founded in 2010 by Hugo Eccles and Adam Kay. Together, Eccles and Kay have created more than 100 impressive machines for private clientele and factory brands such as Ducati, Triumph, Moto Guzzi, BMW, and Zero. One example being a 2015 Ducati Hyper Scrambler featured on Jay Leno’s Garage and Cycle World.

One of Hugo Eccles’ latest creations from the San Francisco shop is this Zero XP which is based on the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle. If it looks familiar, this is because this custom was recently displayed at The One Motorcycle Show 2020 in Portland, Oregon.

Although this electric motorcycle may tickle your dreams of what the future will hold, Eccles says that was not the intent of the design. “This isn’t about novelty for novelty’s sake, or some nostalgic idea of the future. The goal is to celebrate this unique riding experience through an entirely new function-led aesthetic. If the Zero XP looks futuristic, it’s because electric motorcycles like the SR/F are the future.”

Eccles drew inspiration from dragbikes, saying, “Dragbikes were an inspiration with the XP, you’re literally riding the motor. This is a deceptively powerful bike and I wanted to physically embody that raw power.” Other sources of inspiration include rally car aerodynamics and experimental aircraft. Scroll through the photos to see how all of this inspiration was embodied into a custom electric motorcycle.

“When you’re dealing with an internal combustion engine, you have built-in physical constraints,” Eccles explains. “The fuel tank has to sit above the motor to gravity-feed the carbs, the carbs are positioned away from turbulent airflow, the exhaust is routed to avoid heating the fuel or the rider, and so on. But these rules don’t apply to an electric motorcycle, and that freedom is an incredible opportunity for a designer. If things like a fuel tank, exhaust, carbs, and clutch are no longer necessary, then what is?”Ludovic Robert
Marking the territory, the UMC tag is affixed to the ultrasuede seat of the Zero XP.Ludovic Robert
A closer look at the sleek Motobox LED taillight.Ludovic Robert
In Cycle World’s coverage, author Morgan Gales states, “There was hardly a moment to photograph Untitled Motorcycles’ Hugo Eccles’ custom Zero SR/F [at The One Motorcycle Show], as it was so often surrounded by a crowd.” Can you blame the attendees for crowding?Aaron Brimhall
The custom-molded grips of the clip-on handlebars keep the look clean and simple.Ludovic Robert
If you look closely, you can see the Motobox custom LED on the panel’s edge.Ludovic Robert
The monochromatic design is even carried down to the braided stainless steel brake lines and 17-inch cast alloy front wheel.Untitled Motorcycles ,Ludovic Robert
The speedometer is integrated into the custom CNC’d top bracket. The Cypher III display is incorporated into the “tank” which allows the rider to navigate through preset ride modes, customize 10 ride modes, set levels of power delivery and regenerative braking, much like the functionality seen on the OEM model.Ludovic Robert
Isn’t that slick? The XP is shod with Pirelli Diablo superbike race tires.Aaron Brimhall