CoolFlow Fan Kit for 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles

You and your tourer can now stay calm, cool, and collected with this new accessory from H-D

Harley-Davidson CoolFlow Fan Kit for 2017 Touring Models
Keep your cool when you are stuck in traffic or riding on a hot day with the CoolFlow Fan Kit from Harley-Davidson.Photo Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Whether you are stuck in traffic, on parade duty, or just trapped in a sweltering summer day, Harley-Davidson can help you beat the heat with their new CoolFlow Fan for 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike models. If you are looking for maximum comfort (who isn't?) then the CoolFlow Fan may just be what you are looking for because it is engineered to maximize both rider and passenger comfort in high-temperature situations. Plus, the Cool Flow Fan is not your typical fan kit that blows air across the cylinders and onto the rider's legs, instead it draws the heated air away from the rear cylinder and exhaust pipe and directs it toward the ground.

Harley-Davidson CoolFlow Fan Kit
Get the CoolFlow Fan Kit for $299.95 (MSRP excludes taxes and shipping and prices at local dealerships may vary). P/N 26800128; P/N 26800121; P/N 26800120.Photo Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Additionally, the CoolFlow Fan is almost invisible when mounted on the motorcycle, and features switched On/Off/Auto operation. In the On mode, the fan is active at low speeds, and will turn off when motorcycle speed reaches 40 mph. As speed lowers, the fan turns back on at 35 mph; this gap is intentional to prevent the fan from cycling on and off when riding close to 40 mph. In the Auto setting, the fan operates based on a combination of slow vehicle speed and specific engine and ambient temperatures. Fan function is indicated in the odometer. The CoolFlow Fan is waterproof and designed for durable performance. A dealer Digital Technician update (priced separately) is required to complete the installation, and installation on some models may require additional components. There is a CoolFlow Fan designed specifically for each 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike model motorcycle. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for fitment details.

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*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes and shipping. Prices at local dealerships may vary.