Starlane GPS-2 Lap Timer

After your first track day, the goal for subsequent trips is clear: Go faster. A lap timer is a good way to monitor your progress, but as big chunks of time give way to seconds and then tenths of seconds, your standard timer becomes less useful. That's where data acquisition comes into play. Compared to previously available options, the Stealth GPS-2 from Starlane is more affordable and easier to use while remaining just as informative.

If you can free up a few hours to familiarize yourself with the timer's operation and accompanying DigiRace software, the Stealth will become your most valuable track coach. Once you're learned the ropes, setup is a snap. The unit can be mounted anywhere, and because the Stealth is GPS-based there's no beacon to set out or other external gadgets; everything is built into the unit itself.

Set your start/finish marker (or let the Stealth automatically determine it) and three split points and you're good to go. But using the Stealth strictly as a lap timer doesn't even scratch the surface of what this little unit can do. Wirelessly transmit session data to your laptop and you can analyze everything you've just gathered. Among the many entertaining and useful functions is a real-time lap replay with a graph showing acceleration and deceleration, which shows you exactly where there's room for improvement. Interpreting the data takes some experience, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Once you use the Stealth, there's a wealth of information available to pore over, and tons of more involved functions waiting to be utilized once you're ready. If there's a downside to the Stealth GPS-2, it's that it makes you yearn for the $2000+full system with its throttle, brake and suspension sensors!

Starlane GPS-2 LAP Timer
Price: $449.99 and up
Contact: Yoyodyne

Verdict 4.5 stars out of 5
Easy to use and interminably informative, but interpreting and making use of that information is up to you.