Spring Cleaning Chemicals for Your Motorcycle

Cleaning and lubrication products for that Springtime spit-shine

For many of you, spring is almost here. The weather's improving, temperatures are above freezing, and most of you are about to wake your motorcycle from its winter hibernation. But have pity on that poor, dusty steed. It's gotten dirty sitting under that blanket or bike cover out in the garage, and if you didn't detail it before you put it away, the dirt and grease from last year has morphed into serious gunk. What it needs is a thorough cleaning and lube before it whisks you on that first Sunday morning ride. To help, we've assembled a range of cleaning and lubrication products-just the thing for that springtime spit-shine.

Maxima Clean-Up Degreaser
Maxima says its Clean-Up multi-purpose degreaser is "ideal for motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft and automotive maintenance, an emulsion without caustic chemicals that's suitable for degreasing soiled plastic, rubber, alloy and chrome." Rust and corrosion inhibitors help protect your equipment after a cleaning, while the aerosol can allows you to simply spray it on, wait a minute or two for it to set up, and then rinse away with a hose. It also cleans foam air-filter elements quickly and completely. $7.70 at retailers everywhere.www.maximausa.com
Jig-A-Loo All-Purpose Lubricant
Jig-A-Loo is a new product combining the power of a lubricant with a water repellent-a "lubripellant" according to its maker. Unlike most other spray lubes, Jig-A-Loo contains no oils, grease or waxes, so it won't stain or stink. Bit it will stop squeaks, unstick stuck fasteners, protect against rust and banish moisture in any sort of mechanism. Like the venerable WD-40, Jig-A-Loo is a thousand solutions in a can. Use it to free up that grouchy petcock, or spray it on your bike's engine and driveline after a wash so it doesn't rust. $6.99 for a 16-ounce can.www.jigaloo.com
Bel Ray 6 in 1 Lubricant
Anyone who knows bikes knows they're much happier when they're well-lubed. engines, chains, cables and all sorts of mechanical bits simply work better when their surfaces slide slickly against one another. Bel Ray's 6 in 1, a thin film, multi-purpose penetrating fluid and corrosion protectant, has been doing such duty for years. It penetrates to prevent etal-to-metal contact for reduced wear and rust/corrosion protection. Use it for lubing carb linkages, cables, etc. $7.95 at motorcycle outlets everywhere.www.belray.com
Muc-Off Ultimate Pit Kit
Muc-Off is a British company new to the U.S. market, and what it lacks in reputation it certainly makes up for with cool bike-cleaning and -care products. This is Muc-Off's 8-in-1 Pit Kit, a handy plastic storage/cleaning tub filled with everything you need to make your bike shine. Included is a bottle of Muc-Off's specially formulated bike wash/cleaner, Bike Spray preservative, three different cleaning brushes, a microcel sponge and large microfiber finishing cloth. When you're done, simply fill the tub and snap the lid. easy. At better shops everywhere.$66.22www.niksindustries.com
Color Rite Factory-Match Paint
Has your pride and joy got an unsightly scratch or paint divot? Such small aesthetic warts usually aren't enough for a complete tank or fender repaint, but they are definitely bothersome. Color Rite can help, offering a complete line of factory-matched paint products, from touch-up pens or jars for smaller nicks and scratches to aerosol cans and larger amounts for do-it-yourself jobs or complete re-paints. Prices range from $15.95 for a touch-up pen to $178.95 for enough paint to re-coat an entire motorcycle. Thousands of colors are available, all matched exactly to the factory shade.www.colorrite.com
Honda Glare Ultra Wash
Forget about using Mr. Clean or other harsh dish detergents when bathing your bike. Such products strip waxes and protectants from your bike's finish, leaving it vulnerable to dirt and corrosion-or worse. Better to use a cleaner designed specifically for your bike, one that's kind to painted, aluminum, rubber, plastic and other surfaces. honda's Ultra Wash ($9.99), designed to be used with its Professional Polish ($24.99), is just such a product. Ultra Wash safely removes dirt and other contaminants, while the Pro Polish uses "glassplexin," a negatively charged silicate that causes an exchange of electrons that actually bonds to the surface. Together they'll keep your scoot looking sharp. At honda dealers everywhere.www.powersports.honda.com
Protect All Polish, Wax & Treatment
For quick clean-ups in the garage or just before that concours show, Protect All's Polish, Wax and Treatment is an effective and near-effortless way to make your bike look new again. Just spray it on and wipe off with a clean cloth. Instantly, your chrome and painted parts shine like never before, while your rubber and plastic bits go from dry and brown to rich and well-nourished. Protect All's formula contains carnauba wax, so you know it'll protect those surfaces. $10.40 for a 13.5-oz. can.www.protectall.com