Sidi Vortice Boots

Intended as a replacement for its premium Vertigo Corsa, Sidi's new Vortice boot boasts a number of upgrades.

As with the Corsa, construction and protection are top notch. The Vortice (pronounced vor-te-che, Italian for vortex) features a tough Lorica carcass with interlocking armored sections that completely encase the rider's calf, shin and ankle in nylon armor. The same Techno Tensioner system first seen on the Corsa is used to secure the redesigned upper panel, with another tensioner adjusting the lower shin. Because of its tighter tailoring, the side-entry zipper utilizes an expansion joint that assists in getting the zipper over the talus bone of the ankle. The external lateral and lower braces on each side of the ankle (redesigned with a slimmer and tighter profile and reinforced with fiberglass) work with the new upper panels to provide improved ankle support.

The Vortice's sole is all-new, with a polyurethane/rubber blend of two compounds and a replaceable insert in the ball area where the sole tends to wear against the footpeg. Even the toe sliders were redesigned, with replaceable alloy inserts and an adjustable vent. The upper portion of the boot is lined with a Teflon-coated mesh (with a couple of exhaust vents on the inside portion of the calf), while the toe area is lined with Cambrelle, a soft synthetic fabric combining excellent sweat absorption and breathability with good resistance to abrasion.

Putting on the Vortice takes a bit more time and work than the average boot, which is actually the only gripe we can think of. After slipping your tootsies into the snug-fitting foot bed, you need to pull up the zipper and fasten the cover flap. Then, after clipping in and tightening the Techno Tensioner over the instep, you must align and tighten the upper shin plate via three more tensioners. The result is an extremely supportive and snug-fitting boot, but we'd recommend starting the process early; don't wait until you hear last call for your race/track day group or you may miss the flag drop!

Beyond that, we were very impressed with the Vortice boots. Fit and finish are first-class, with excellent ankle support and a protective feel. We had some issues with the previous Vertigo Corsa's external ankle braces snagging on footpeg brackets and heel guards, but the Vortice's braces rest flush with the surface of the boot so we haven't had any such issues so far. Peg feel is excellent and the shifter pads have always been among the best at preventing soreness. There aren't very many boots packing all the protective features present on the Vortice, so we're confident in its protective qualities.

The CE-certified Vortice retails for $475 and is available in metric sizes 39-48 (U.S. sizes 6-13). Colors options include black, red, white or blue, with a fully perforated model available in all black or white.

Sidi Vortice Boots
Price: $475

Contact: Motonation
1100 N. Magnolia Ave. #A
El Cajon, CA 92020

Verdict 4.5 stars out of 5
The best gets even better.