Sidi Armada Boots | MC TESTED

Durable, waterproof boots for the mix of touring and not-terribly-technical off-roading.

Sidi Armada Boot: $400 from©Motorcyclist

I'm hard on boots. Really a sole crusher, if you'll pardon the pun. Which is why I tend to like slightly heftier footwear. When Sidi introduced the Adventure Gore-Tex boot, I gravitated toward it for most of my dual-sport riding because it has elements of a dirt boot and a touring boot built into one, though its stiff construction makes it feel more like an off-road boot.

My boot nirvana arrived when Sidi introduced the Armada Gore-Tex boot. Imagine the Adventure with a bit less starch, conceptually moved a notch in the direction of a heavy-duty touring boot. Instead of the Adventure's buckles and plastic ankle support, the Armada uses an interior zipper with rain flap and a simple wrap-around shin reinforcement that can be removed to make the boot feel a little more flexible.


The lug soles are thick but reasonably flexible, with much less of the Herman Munster walk that you tend to get from the Adventure. And yet the Armadas feel extremely sturdy, far more so than typical touring boots. The boots feel just right for the mix of touring and not-terribly-technical off-roading that you're likely to do on your BMW GS or KTM Adventure.

The ideal compromise. With durability. Like I said, I’m hard on boots. And yet I’ve worn the Armadas nearly every day for a year and a half. (The boot at the back of the photo is new, at the front, used.) The tops are a little scuffed, but the soles are still fine and the boots show little wear otherwise. Better yet, they remain totally waterproof. I’ve worn this set on rainy rides without any leakage. It’s true the boot feels a little stuffy in hot weather, and it’s not something I’d want to wear to a trackday, but I’ll take those as compromises for the Armada’s durability, stability, and protection.


PRICE: $400


Verdict: The nearly perfect crossover ADV/touring boot that’s comfortable and waterproof. Not cheap but worth it.