Sena Momentum INC Helmet Review

Sena breaks into the full-face helmet business with its Bluetooth integrated Momentum INC helmet

Our digital future.Jeff Allen

Have no doubt that technology is coming for your precious motorcycling time. Sena is leading the charge, expanding from compelling accessory communication technologies into helmets that package their phone-connected intercom and Bluetooth systems into protective gear, forsaking the middleman. In theory, it makes sense. With control over shell shapes and padding positioning, a helmet like the Momentum INC can be engineered with optimized audio fidelity, antenna placement, and ergonomics. There's even the ability to include noise-canceling technology. But Sena's first pass at a holistic system falls short, despite its theoretical advantages.

Ear cups designed to isolate and improve sound add pressure points to an already ill-fitting lid. The buttons integrated into the shell are still fiddly, with sometimes comic results. While prodding for the INC’s noise-canceling button, for instance, it’s all too easy to activate an ambient noise-amplifying feature. At speed, the newly introduced racket will curdle the blood.

Innovations take time to get right. Consider the cellphone—or the motorcycle itself. It might not be ready for prime time, but if your head happens to fit the Momentum INC, you can squeeze yourself into a preview of motorcycling’s digital future.­


Grade: C
Summary: The Sena Momentum INC is feature-rich but not quite ready for prime time.
Price: $549