RK Chain GXW Series "XW"-Ring Chains

  • RK's premium "XW"-ring chains are the best high-speed, extreme heat performance chains available today.

  • The "XW"-ring features three lubrication pools to protect against high-speed abrasion, heat build up, torsional flex and the loss of lubricant, the result is a longer lasting high performance chain.

  • RK's GXW series chains eliminates the risk of seal failure on the highest performance machines and provides the user with a 50% longer wear life compared to standard O-ring chains.

  • Available in sizes 520, 525 and 530.

  • GXW comes with RK's exclusive 20,000 mile warranty!

  • NEW!! Available in Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange

  • Retail prices start at $130.99 (for 120 links non-gold 520)