Rizoma's Mirrors Deserve Close Inspection

Beauty is only skin deep— unless you're a mirror machined from billet aluminum. Then things get complicated.

Rizoma Universal Mirrors
“Aesthetic and function are one, joined in a personal form of creative expression”Jeff Allen

It started with a single, machined mirror for a friend's Honda Shadow. Fabrizio Rigolio designed the piece, and his brother, Fabio, pulled it from a block of raw aluminum in his father's workshop outside of Milan. It was the seed that grew into Rizoma. And like its namesake, the company has crept like a sprawling root to create a product line of more than 1,500 motorcycle accessories sold in 160 countries, all hand assembled in a facility down the road from the original family shop.

The pieces are exquisite, with visible machining marks that add texture and gravity to parts typically squeezed from an injection-molding machine. It is a quintessentially Italian approach to mandatory safety equipment, turning a bit of necessity into the definition of lust and luxury.

“Aesthetic and function are one, joined in a personal form of creative expression,” Fabrizio says of the company’s products. “We try to omit everything superfluous.”

The parts are not cheap, with the least-expensive mirror ringing in at more than $70—each. They come packaged not in some throwaway cardboard but in a elegant black box like any other piece of jewelry. It begs the question: Who’s buying these?

“We cater to customers who want the highest quality and design,” Fabrizio said, “who want to be distinguished for their choice of accessory.”

It is both very close to and very far from that first friend who couldn't find a mirror he liked for his Honda more than 16 years ago. Maybe that's why the company says that its name means "root." Maybe it's just an amalgamation of the founders' names. Or maybe it's because Rizoma will always be entrenched in the soil from which it grew.

Marks of the Maker
Visible machining marks are a trademark of many Rizoma products. The unpolished finish makes it impossible to forget that these mirrors started life as a solid block of aluminum.

Refined Reflection
Mirror glass is procured from the same supplier that Audi and Porsche use. Anti-glare coatings give the glass an exotic blue or gold tint.