Randy and Dakota Mamola Pioneering New GoPro Live 360 VR System

Randy Mamola rides onboard with son Dakota from 3,000 miles away thanks to new technology from GoPro.

One of the latest innovations in onboard video technology is the impressive 360-degree gyroscopic camera that provides breathtaking chase action and interactive panning capability from a given rider to another subject, all with a system 17 times lighter than the very first onboard camera system used on Randy Mamola's bike 30 years ago. Mamola carried that first live broadcast onboard camera during the 1985 Assen Grand Prix, a watershed moment that changed the world of professional sports broadcasting forever.

Fast forward to 2016 and Randy's son Dakota is competing in the MotoAmerica road racing series. The dynamic between father, who was a professional racer and son, who is trying to make his own mark, can be challenging.  Continuing the family heritage of bringing the racing experience to the masses, GoPro has partnered with Dakota and his team to run the world's first LiveVR onboard camera.  This story includes challenges: crashes, arguments and surprises for Dakota in the form of his father secretly watching his son race from over 3,000 miles away.