Racing Electronic Kits Available for 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 from FT ECU Inc.

MotoAmerica-approved and ready for the 2017 R6 late March

2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 Racing Electronics Kit
The 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 now has a Racing Kit ECU from FT ECU Inc. that will continue FT ECU's MotoAmerica success.Photo: FT ECU Inc.

For the passed two years, motorcycles equipped with FT ECU's software won a multitude of MotoAmerica races like the Superstock 1000, Supersport, and Superstock 600 championships. And those riding the 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 can now strive for that same success by equipping the powerhouse with the Racing Electronics Kits from FT ECU.

Owner of FT ECU Inc., Chris Gardell, stated that "Yamaha Motor Engineering Co., Ltd. (YEC) doesn't offer a Racing Kit ECU for the 2017 Yamaha R6, but the good news is that we designed, developed, and are offering our own proprietary Racing Electronics Kits specifically for this year's brand-new R6, and they are approved for use in the MotoAmerica series, as well as motorcycle road racing championships in countries throughout the world. Developed in partnership with Graves Racing Services, the FT ECU Racing Electronics Kits for the 2017 Yamaha R6 feature the most advanced rider and crew aids available anywhere in the world for 600cc sportbikes."

Availability of the Racing Electronic Kits is limited and will be available for delivery late March. The prepaid, non-refundable, pre-ordered 2017 R6 Racing Electronics Kits will be available from FT ECU, Graves Racing Services, or any participating FT ECU reseller.

Pro and Privateer user levels are available for the kit. The Pro Kit is fully adjustable with all parameters open where the Privateer Kit has preset base maps and simplified adjustments. The kits come complete with full racing harnesses, but check out the rest of the features below to see what you can expect from this championship-winning product:

FT ECU Inc. success in MotoAmercia
FT ECU Inc.'s software has seen success among a variety of racers in the Superstock 1000, Supersport, and Superstock 600 championships.Photo: FT ECU Inc.

2017 R6 Racing Electronics Kit Specifications:

* Replacement Wire Harness with Run/Stop Switch
* ABS Delete Module
* Quick Shifter and Auto-Blip Sensors
* Active Tune Controller and Lambda Sensor (active tune continuously corrects for on-track-optimized fueling)
* USB Communications Cable

* Pro and Privateer Race Team License
* Active Tune License
* Auto-Blip License

Key Software Features:

* Active Tune Self-Adjusting Fuel Control
* Mode-Selectable Fuel Trim Tables

* Ignition Advance Tables (by gear and mode)
* Offset Tables (for cylinder-specific timing changes)

* Adjustable Base Maps (by gear and mode)
* Adjustable Engine Brake Maps (by gear and mode)

Basic ECU Settings
* Rev-Limiter Adjustment
* Variable Intake (open and close settings)
* Bypassed OEM Gauge Requirement
* Modifications to Accommodate Racing Harness

Rider Aids
* Adjustable Quick Shifter
* Auto-Blip Down Shifter
* Launch Control
* Pit-Road Speed Limiter
* Adjustable Traction Control

Data Analysis
* Full complement of necessary channels for trackside tuning, including Traction Control parameters
* Officially supported data loggers include AiM MXS, EVO5, EVO4S, and MXL2