Meet Race Tech’s MEGA M.A.X. Chassis Master

Crashed? MEGA M.A.X. is the best way to find out if you did permanent damage.

My YZF-R3 on the operating table. MEGA M.A.X. can be used on a fully assembled bike and references the swingarm and steering-head pivots to quickly check the straightness of the frame.Ari Henning

After a significant motorcycle crash, there's always a lingering fear that your frame, fork, or swingarm might be bent. Unfortunately, there isn't any way for the home mechanic to check his chassis, so after I chucked my Yamaha YZF-R3 down the track I was left feeling anxious about the bike's condition.

Some Googling revealed numerous forum posts about now-defunct G.M.D. Computrack service centers, then, finally, a solid hit: A frame-checking facility right up the road in Corona, CA. Race Tech, the suspension superpower that recently re-opened its engine-service center, also has a MEGA M.A.X. system that checks the straightness of your bike's frame, and it does it without having to dismantle the bike.

Lasers make things seem legit, don’t they? Once the MEGA M.A.X.’s position is established using lasers and targets, the system’s high-resolution cameras track the location of reference points on the chassis, while a computer crunches all the data.Ari Henning

MEGA M.A.X. has a lame, straight-outta-the-‘90s name, but it’s the quickest and easiest way to tell if your chassis is in good shape. For $250 you can get your frame checked, or for $350 Race Tech will perform the full CMS (Chassis Maximizing System), which brings into play more reference points to check the straightness of the fork, swingarm, and subframe, and measure things like head angle, trail, swingarm angle, and wheelbase. CMS is essentially a dyno tune for your chassis, and for a wrench monkey and racer like me, that information is incredibly valuable.

Race Tech’s Head of R&D Rob Brown and G3-S-shock specialist Jeff Zeliadt position targets on the R3’s front end.Ari Henning

As it turns out, my R3 is bent, but it only strays from Yamaha’s specs by a scant 0.06mm. That’s not enough to warrant a frame replacement or even affect handling, so I’m relieved. And as with every service Race Tech offers—whether it’s a custom shock or fork setup, cylinder porting, or dyno tune—you get a spec sheet that documents findings, settings, and results. The CMS analysis showed some room for improvement in the rake and trail department, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with front and rear ride height the next time I head to the track.

MEGA M.A.X. is the invention of German firm Scheibner. According to Race Tech there are only a handful of the systems in operation in the U.S. If you think your bike is bent, hopefully you’ve got a MEGA M.A.X. center nearby.Ari Henning

MEGA M.A.X. can be applied to any kind of motorcycle, and with the data CMS spits out and Race Tech's geometry expertise, the system isn't just an asset for riders that have had accidents, it's an asset for anyone that wants to improve their bike's handling and performance.