A Quick Look at the 2016 Ducati Hypermotard 939

A fun bike with a lot of personality—the Hyper only has one drawback.

2016 ducati hypermotard 939
For 2016, Ducati’s Hyper has once again evolved.@Motorcyclist

Any list of rambunctious supermoto-style machines has to include Ducati's Hypermotard. The Ducati boasts a bigger (now 937cc) engine and has a significantly higher price tag—the base Hyper 939 goes for $12,695—but the Ducati is definitely in the same wheelhouse as the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and KTM 690 Duke in terms of personality and appeal.

For 2016, Ducati’s Hypermotard has once again evolved. There’s a new exhaust to complement the bigger engine, turn signals that are integrated into the hand guards, and a gear-position indicator on the dash (finally)! Ducati claims the Hypermotard 939 weighs 399 pounds dry (it’ll be more like 440 pounds ready to ride), so it’s definitely heavier than the singles but still a fairly light and very maneuverable machine.

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The Hyper shines as a daily rider thanks to its supermoto-like stance, long-travel suspension, light handling, and extremely responsive engine. The riding position isn’t nearly as severe as the Husqvarna’s, but it’s slightly more aggressive than the Duke’s. The same goes for the seat height—not as tall as the Husky’s but not as low as the KTM’s. That V-twin lopes smoothly on the freeway, and there’s just enough wind protection and forward lean to the riding position to make longer stints bearable.

The Ducati is more flexible than either of the singles—its only real drawback is price. Anyone who’s seriously considering the Duke will surely think the Ducati is too pricey, but if you’re hot for the Husky and okay with its $11,300 price, what’s another $1,400 to get the Ducati? Decisions, decisions!