Victory’s New Muscle Cruiser | First Look

Here Comes The Judge!

WORDS & PHOTO: Eric Putter

Harking back to the 1960s, an era of macho musclecars and that Easy Rider flick, here comes the Judge, a low and lean restyle of Victory's familiar cruiser platform.

Its bloodline can be traced to the company’s current Hammer S, but in a lighter, lower, shorter, more nimble package. The Judge’s un-chopper-like 64-inch wheelbase and 31.7-degree rake are nearly 2 inches shorter and 1 degree less raked-out than the 12-lb.-heavier Hammer. Quicker steering is also had courtesy of a narrow, 140mm-wide Dunlop Elite II rear tire (with raised white letters, of course) in lieu of the Hammer’s monstrous 250mm meat. This revamped chassis rides on a pair of 16-inch, five-spoke wheels reminiscent of ’70s Morris mags.

True to its bad-boy demeanor, the Judge has a blacked-out frame, engine cases, pipes, triple clamps, headlight, handlebar, mirrors and fork legs, as well as subdued badging. The drag-style bar and mid-mount controls offer what Victory calls an “engaged riding position,” perfect for taking advantage of the bike’s handling prowess.

The Judge’s dramatically scalloped seat is just 26 inches from the tarmac. Curiously, its new bodywork has numberplates below this perch that are more Husqvarna desert sled than badass boulevardier.

Hardly a Hemi, the Judge’s modern air/oil-cooled 106 cubic-inch/1731cc V-twin is fuel-injected with a six-speed tranny supplying power to a quiet, carbon-fiber-reinforced belt.

A 2013 model, this sporty muscle cruiser comes in basic black for $13,999, plus red and an orange that evokes the bygone era of tire-smoking monsters for $14,399. Judge-ment day is soon after April Fool’s at your local Victory dealer.