Team North America to Compete at Phillip Island International Challenge

PLEASANTON, California – In January 2013, a team of classic motorcycle racers from North America will be [competing in International Challenge Race at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. This is a match race against teams from
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and now North America. This race follows the traditions and format of the Transatlantic Match races held between the US and the UK during the '70s and '80s.

The International Island Classic – Historic Motorcycle Event will celebrate its 20th year of vintage motorcycle competition at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. This event is one of the biggest and certainly the fastest and most competitive vintage motorcycle racing event in the world today. Significant riders from the past such as Wayne Gardner, Jeremy McWilliams and Steve Martin have represented their countries in front of crowds up to 20,000 spectators. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Managing Director, Fergus Cameron comments, “Phillip Island is looking forward to seeing the North American team next year. We have held the International Challenge for 8 years, and each year the racing gets faster and more competitive. On paper the North American team looks strong, but we will see what happens when the flag drops!”

The North American team has been assembled with a great mix of riders. Gary Fisher represented the US team in the
[original Trans-Atlantic match races. Michael Barnes and Pat Mooney are current active racers with the American Motorcycle Association. Dave Crussell, Ralph Hudson and Wes Orloff are current or past champions with the American
Historic Racing Motorcycle Association. Completing the team are riders that are pursing the challenge, competition and fun of amateur racing.

Gary Fisher, captain for the North American Team stated, “It is indeed an honor to be chosen and named captain for the North American Team in the Australian Motorcycle News International Island Classic for 2013. Having been a member for the original American team competing in the Transatlantic Match Races of the early '70's, I've seen the development of the machines and the sport we all enjoy in the modern era.” Looking forward to the event, Gary went on to say “It'll be great fun and truly exciting for both racers and fans alike, as we put some of the finest machinery back where it should be....on the track. I'm confident that with determination and hard work between now and next January, the North Americans can be in the hunt and do our share of winning.”

The Island Classic Event has a broad set of Vintage Classes; however, the International Challenge is for 2 and 4 stroke motorcycles made from 1982 or before. The team has brought together what may be the largest gathering of Yamaha’s flagship during the '70s and '80s with 11 TZ750s. Included with the team are Suzuki’s RG500 along with large 4-stroke vintage bikes from Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

The team is actively pursuing sponsorship and subsidies to defray travel costs and for parts and consumables for the motorcycles during the trip.

For more information or to help out the team, please contact