SW-MOTECH Vibration-Dampened Crashbar for Kawasaki KLR650E

Kawasaki's KLR650 is an awesome tool for commuting and exploring the road less traveled.
No matter your riding venue, it's important for KLR owners to protect their bike from the possibility of tip overs and other calamities.

SW-MOTECH Crashbars have been a popular choice for riders who need rugged protection. Now, the KLR SW-MOTECH Crashbars have an updated design!
Kawasaki KLR650 owners know how much their beloved Thumper can vibrate. Our own Twisted Throttle is no exception.

To help minimize the vibration transmitted from the frame to the crashbars, we revised the original crashbar to include a rubber mount system. CHECK IT OUT!

•26.9mm heavy-duty mild steel tubing
•Precision fit
•Sandblasted, powdercoated, then clear-coated to provide corrosion resistance and a glossy finish
•Three mounting points on each side

Other Features:
•Includes a built-in M10 hole for mounting a set of MFW Footpegs. Requires M10 Footpeg Joint Kit.
•Also includes a built-in auxiliary headlight mount at the front end of the crashbars (auxiliary headlights sold separately).
•The infamous KLR650 "Doohickey" (the left-side balancer chain tension adjuster) is accessible with the crashbar installed.

Fits with:
•Original Kawasaki plastic skidplate,
Twisted Throttle's aluminum skidplate (sold separately), or
•Ricochet (a.k.a. Utah Sport Cycle / Happy Trail / MSR / Moose) skidplate (made in the USA)
•Cyclops (a.k.a. Studebaker / KLR650.com) skidplate (this is an overseas copy of the Ricochet skidplate)

Produced exclusively for Twisted Throttle by SW-MOTECH.

Here is a VIDEO of the Twisted Throttle Kawasaki KLR 650 Demo Bike

This VIDEO shows one customer's installation process.

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