Rescue Pegs Emergency Off-road Footpegs

MORENO VALLEY, California (May 2, 2012) – Treven Enterprises today announced the launch of Rescue Pegs [Emergency Off-road Footpegs.

Rescue Pegs are simple clip-on footpeg extensions for off-road motorcycles, designed to provide passengers a safe and easy place to position their feet. Most off-road motorcycles are not equipped with passenger footpegs, leaving nowhere for passengers to place their feet. Rescue Pegs offer a simple solution by clipping onto the existing footpegs providing twice the amount of footpeg space without permanent installation or modification of the bike.

Rescue Pegs provide safe foot placement for riders injured far from safety. In the event a rider is injured and needs to be ridden out to safety or medical care, Rescue Pegs provide an easy place for the rider to place their feet without interfering with the driver’s controls or balance.

Rescue Pegs are also an excellent way to take a friend for a ride or transport your mechanic to and from the track.

Rescue Pegs can be attached two ways: 1. Clipped on and held in place with gravity and/or the weight of the rider’s feet; 2. Secured with a plate and two nuts underneath. Rescue Pegs fit all popular modern 2-stroke and 4-stroke OEM [footpegs and most aftermarket footpegs.

MSRP for Rescue Pegs is $49.95 per set. Orders can be placed online at