Icon Presents Pro Street Featuring Ethan Barkley

Saddling a 500 horsepower motorcycle and pushing it to its limits down the quarter mile is something very few people have the skill and sheer bravery to do. For Icon’s Ethan Barkley, it’s all in a day’s work. The 10-time Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association Champion knows how to lay down quick ET’s with the best of them, which is why his racing résumé is full of so many victories, records, and coveted titles.

The key to getting his Suzuki GSX-R 1000 to reach speeds of 190 miles per hour and post elapsed times at almost 7.5 seconds is light weight, big power, and of course high traction. However, combining those elements together can make for one wild ride, which is why Barkley is protected with Icon’s Overlord gear and Airframe Carbon helmet. Thanks to Barkley’s innate ability to control this two-wheeled rocket, he makes it look easy. Ethan invited us out to the drag strip for a first-hand look into what it takes to be one of the most successful Canadian drag racers of all time, and how he manages to keep 500 horsepower glued to the pavement for a full 1,320 feet.

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