Honda CB1000R and Victory Hard-Ball | Burning the Midnight Oil

PHOTO: Brian "Full-Time" Catterson

We hear it all the time around here, and sometimes it's even true: "You guys have the best job in the world!" That doesn't mean it's not a job, though, and never more than on deadline. As Exhibit A we submit this photo, which our bleary-eyed Editor-in-Chief Brian Catterson shot late one night as he was headed home. That's Art Director Joe Neric's long-term Honda CB1000R in the foreground and the Victory Hard-Ball Cat was testing at the time in the background. Note all the empty parking spots: Those were vacated by the 250 or so "part-timers" that work at the other 90 or so magazines at Source Interlink Media. Here's hoping they had to sit in traffic on their way home!