Dunlop Tire Color Markings For Compound Identification

According to an update on the MotoGP website, Dunlop, the official tire supplier for the Moto2™ and Moto3™ World Championships, will be using new color markings on its tires to make for easier compound identification. In addition to their wet tires, Dunlop produces soft, medium and hard slick compounds for use in the intermediate and lightweight classes of the World Championship.

Starting with Moto3™, new sidewall color markings will be displayed that will allow fans and media alike to easily see what tire compounds each rider is using. Dunlop will accomplish this by marking the text and background of its tire labels with various color combinations.
"We have changed the sidewall decals," explains Clinton Howe, Dunlop's MotoGP Operations Manager. "It will help to see which tires the riders are on. We have the soft, medium and the hard which will be colored differently on the sidewall."

The following are Dunlop tire color combinations to look for in Moto2 and Moto3 competition:
Soft: Yellow background (with black text)
Medium: Silver background (with black text)
Hard: Black background (with yellow text)