Christini AWD Dirtbikes Roost the Price Barrier

All-Wheel Deals

Words: Karel Kramer

Photo: Christini

[Christini’s AWD system delivers approximately 20 percent less power to the front wheel than the rear. Front-wheel drive only engages after the rear wheel slips

Christini All-Wheel Drive Motorcycles sold its first production bike in 2007 and, despite extraordinary pressures on the high-end off-road market since then, the company has thrived. Thanks to the talents of 10-time AMA National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron, who rides owner Steve Christini’s AWD machines in high-profile Endurocross events, the brand is on the radar of more riders than ever before. For 2012 the Philadelphia-based company’s lineup consists of three 450cc four-stroke models and one 300cc two-stroke, all offered at surprisingly affordable prices.

The four bikes share the same basic aluminum frame and all-wheel-drive powertrain, which uses a series of chains and shafts to mechanically transfer power from the transmission to the front wheel. The two-stroke uses a Gas Gas powerplant; the four-stroke engines are sourced from China. The least expensive is the $6895 AWD 450 off-road model. The street-legal AWD 450DS costs $7695, while the AWD 450SM supermoto version sells for $8195. The race-ready AWD 300 is the most expensive at $8995. Christini ( still offers AWD conversion kits for other popular off-road models for less than $4000, but with complete bikes available for such low prices, radically modifying an existing bike hardly makes sense.