Aerostich Press Release

Aerostich Press Release

Can you hear me now? These revamped WWII-era field phones come with no frills, fees or frustrations. Just wind up the generator, dial the number and you're good to go."Bob ate a what?" "Did you say bar-b-que underpants?" Never get cut off or miss important calls like these again. No matter where you are in the world, communication is always analog clear on the CellNo Phone. Works on new, superlow 10 kHz BWF and is good for up to one hour of free conversation per ten windings. Need more time? Just keep winding. Low power? Ditto. Comes complete with flip-out polaroid pinhole camera and rider-to-rider conversion kit. Specify chain or belt drive. Not Bluetooth compatible. Leather and bakelite. 7"x10"x4". 17 lbs.

EMO $999.26


  • No fees
  • No "poor reception" calls
  • Impossible to misplace
  • Attractive, aged leather case and strap
  • You won't find one of these anywhere else
  • Integrated, vintage flip-out camera
  • April Fools To get a free catalog call 800.222.1994 or email

To order or for further information, contact Aerostich/RiderWearHouse
Phone: 800.222.1994
Fax: 218.720.3610

Andy Goldfine or Lynn Wisneski