5 Questions With... MotoGP Racer Dani Pedrosa

During the recent MotoGP test at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, which will host its first-ever Grand Prix event on Sunday, April 21st, Motorcyclist sat down with HRC MotoGP riders Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez for a brief interview. During this conversation, MotoGP veteran Dani Pedrosa talks tires, comments on Cal Crutchlow's predictions, and also reveals his choice for a street bike.
(Watch this space for the Marquez interview, coming soon.)

Motorcyclist: Does Circuit Of The Americas suit your riding style?

Dani Pedrosa: [pause] I don't know. It will be a little different, the track, when we come for the race because many more bikes will run, so there will be much more rubber [on the track], and the bikes will better suit the asphalt. Because now, the grip is very poor.

MC: How are the tires? Do you think Bridgestone will need to make something special for this track?

DP: I don't know, actually, I expected more grip, so it looks like the tire is not suffering and we are missing grip. But we are already using the soft compound. I guess when all of the Moto3 and Moto2 riders are here for the GP, maybe these tires are working better and then we can try medium compounds.

MC: We talked to Cal Crutchlow recently and he said he thinks you're the favorite for the championship this year. Would you agree?

DP: Yea, he's a funny guy. Basically, I try to be ready for this season, with the bike, with the team, and also physically and mentally. Last year I finished strong, so just trying to keep the momentum and start strong again and keep it up until the end of the season.

MCAre you glad to see Rossi back on Yamaha? Does it improve the series to have him on a more competitive bike?

DP: I think he is more glad than me.

MC: What about motorcycling outside of racing? Do you ride a motorcycle for fun?

DP: I have a Honda Silver Wing 600, a big scooter. I use it, not so much in the winter obviously, because it's too cold in Geneva [Switzerland, where Pedrosa makes his home]  and the road is icy, but in the summer it's perfect for traffic. I use it because it's more convenient at that moment, really. I enjoy riding some other kind of bikes; motocross, supermoto, trials. With friends, stuff like that. But no, I don't go on the roads for fun.