New Products: Motorex Racing Fork Oil

Now available in 4w viscosity, the new Motorex fork oil opens up previously unavailable options in suspension tuning.

Motorex Racing Fork Oil
Motorex Racing Fork OilPhoto Courtesy of Motorex

Thanks to its well-balanced characteristics, the new Motorex Racing Fork Oil opens up previously unavailable options in suspension tuning. In addition, the oil is now also available in the 4W viscosity as prescribed by WP Performance Systems for its advanced forks used by KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles as standard.

Fork oils have to meet a wide range of requirements: beside optimum impact and vibration absorption—which only the highest-grade oils keep delivering even under extreme duty without starting to froth, change viscosity or loose performance—they also need to reliably prevent corrosion and protect the seals. With its new Racing Fork Oil, Motorex supplies a whole range of fork oils in finely graduated viscosities, setting completely new standards not only with regard to these specifications. By way of selective changes of the oil’s molecular structure, the Motorex research and development department in Langenthal, Switzerland has managed to optimize and balance the very characteristics that help a suspension system deliver optimum feedback. The special molecular structure of the oil ensures that tractive and impact forces are no longer diverted along a zig-zag path like an accordion, but through a multi-level grid structure instead. The Motorex 3D Response Technology takes its name from this three-dimensional structure of the new molecular composition.

Fork oil qualities include first of all the lowest possible friction coefficients in order to let the fork stanchions glide smoothly and achieve a sensitive response through minimal breakaway torque. Optimum air separation performance of the oil is also critical since this is what keeps down foam generation, in turn helping to prevent performance losses even in the most adverse situations. Thirdly, maximum thermal and shear stability are indispensable to avoid any shortcomings even under extreme duty. The perfectly harmonious triad of these partly contradicting characteristics is the greatest strength of the Motorex 3D Response Technology.

Moreover, the Motorex Racing Lab has developed an additional Racing Fork Oil for the advanced forks by WP Performance Systems which features a 4W viscosity as specified by the manufacturer. Fully complying with the specific demands indicated by the WP forks’ design, this high-tech oil contributes to realize their full potential.

At the same time, this means that Motorex Racing Fork Oil is now available in six different viscosities, distinguished by minimal viscosity change, which is to say a high viscosity index: 2,5W (14,5 cSt), 4W (16,0 cSt), 5W (23,0 cSt), 7,5W (34,5 cSt), 10W (49,5 cSt) and 15W (72,0 cSt). Their finely graduated viscosity grades allow the user to comply exactly with the specifications of the fork or motorcycle manufacturer, and finely tune their forks to their own individual preferences. They are also an ideal basis for finding the perfect set-up—be it for off-road use, for the racetrack or for road riding. Motorex Racing Fork Oil is suited to conventional as well as upside-down forks and is available at well-stocked dealers in the award-winning Motorex one-liter bottle with the practical filler spout.