Trail Tech Vapor Dash | MC TESTED

An excellent option for replacing a damaged or outdated instrument cluster.

Trail Tech’s primary market is dual-sports and ATVs, but many of its products are applicable to streetbikes too. Its digital dash units, for example, are an excellent option for replacing damaged or limited-function stock instruments or for use in custom applications.

Trail Tech’s Vapor dash is the most suitable for street riders since it offers a bar-style tachometer (as well as a numeric display) that reads to 12,000 rpm. Other functions include current, maximum, and average speeds, tripmeter, odometer, ambient temperature, engine temperature, and more. The unit offers several customizable display modes so you can tailor the layout to your liking. The backlit screen is about 3 inches wide by an inch tall, and the Vapor itself is just 4.2 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches. Snapping on the accessory indicator dashboard shown here ($55) widens the dash by about an inch and allows you to add up to four indicator lights.

With all those features, you might think installation would be a pain. It’s not. Power can come from the Vapor’s internal battery or the bike’s, wheel speed is determined via a slim sensor and a small magnet affixed to a disc-brake carrier, and engine temp is monitored by way of a copper washer under a spark plug (for air-cooled bikes) or with an inline sender (for water-cooled bikes). The instructions are straightforward and clear, and wiring the unit is fairly easy thanks to quality connectors and well-thought-out wiring harnesses with pre-stripped, solder-coated wire ends. Nice.

Model-specific kits are available, as are universal kits. Optional accessories abound and include a variety of mounting brackets, dash surrounds, and sensors.


PRICE: $130


Verdict: Versatile, highly functional, easy to install, and reasonably priced.