New Products: BMW RnineT Scrambler Accessories from Rizoma

New RnineT Scrambler parts look great and offer extra adjustability and protection for your BMW.

BMW R nineT Scrambler Rizoma
Rizoma's new line of aftermarket accessories for the RnineT Scrambler adds adjustability and protection. Still no latte holder though.Photo: Rizoma

Following the release of its accessory line for the BMW RnineT in 2015, Rizoma now introduces an expanded line of accessories designed specifically for the new RnineT Scrambler.

BMW R nineT Scrambler Rizoma
Among Rizoma's exquisite offerings are a handlebar brace, a headlight guard, LED Fog lights and saddle bag supports.Photos: Rizoma

The new accessories include a Headlight Fairing with billet aluminum adapters, Cross Bar for the standard handlebar, Front Fender with Fork Stabilizer that matches the Rear Fender, LED Fog Auxiliary Lights with aluminum covers, and supports for back and side bags. Also offered is extra protection for off-road excursions in the form of a headlight guard and engine crash bars with replaceable aluminum sliders.

BMW R nineT Scrambler Rizoma
More snazzy options from Rizoma. Additionally, the RnineT Scrambler shares many Rizoma accessories with the standard RnineT.Photos: Rizoma

Adjustability is always a nice touch, especially for motorcycles designed to go off road, so Rizoma added RALLY Rider Pegs with replaceable steel teeth, an Adjustable Shift Lever, Adjustable 3D Brake and Clutch Levers, and a selection of Grips—now available for all RnineT models thanks to the specifically designed grip adapter. Additionally, the Scrambler shares many Rizoma accessories with the standard RnineT, including Cylinder Head Covers, Engine Covers, Intake Tip, Brake and Clutch fluid tank caps, Handlebar Top Clamp Set, Gas Cap, Frame Hole Caps, Exhaust Tips for the standard system, and four different License Plate Support options for different configurations. For details and pricing, visit