New Products At AIMExpo 2015: Yuasa Automatic Battery Chargers/Maintainers

Two new tools from Yuasa designed to keep your powersports batteries properly charged and maintained.

When you look under the seat of your bike, there's a good chance that you might see the name Yuasa on the battery. But even if you've replaced it with another brand, all AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries must be kept properly charged and maintained in order for you to enjoy the ride and achieve maximum battery service life. Yuasa has introduced two new automatic battery chargers/maintainers, both featuring an OEM-approved five-stage charging algorithm, with that goal in mind. Of particular interest is the Yuasa 2-amp unit that provides dual charging pigtails for riders that might have two motorcycles in the garage. Yuasa's Mike Raybuck was on hand at the 2015 AIMExpo show to bring us up to date.