New Product: Saint Unbreakable 6 Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Saint's newest pair of motorcycle riding jeans boast good looks and impressive abrasion resistance.

Saint Unbreakable 6 Jeans
Saint's new Unbreakable 6 jeans combine woven UHMWPE with cotton for a single-layered garment that protects against abrasion and tearing.Photo: Saint

Saint claim that their new motorcycle riding jeans —the Unbreakable 6 — are a world first. The crash-test proven, all-over (waist to ankle) single layer jean that meets the rigorous CE EN 13595-1 : 2002 professional European motorcycle test standards for abrasion, impact and burst resistance. This level of certification is normally not found in riding jeans, and especially not single-layered ones at that.

Saint has done away with Kevlar and other linings by weaving its denim using a unique double warp beam and blending the world's strongest fiber - UHMWPE - with cotton. UHMWPE, or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, has a very low coefficient of friction and a high level of resistance to abrasion. This allows the jeans to retain 360º torsional strength — motorcycle tested CE Level 1 impact, burst and abrasion protection, while at the same time offering a comfortable cut that's as easy to wear off the bike as they are on the bike.


  • Black Coated Finish
  • Regular Tapered Riding Cut
  • Saint Unbreakable 6.0 CE Level 1 14oz Single Layer Denim
  • All-over CE Level 1 rated 66% UHMWPE / 34% Cotton
  • UHMWPE fibers are stronger than steel
  • Light and breathable
  • 360º impact, burst and abrasion resistant


  • Rigid Denim
  • Tapered Leg
  • 5 Pocket Design
  • Mid Waist
  • Lower Rise
  • YKK Zipper
  • Fits true to size

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Saint Unbreakable 6
The use of UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) fibers means a very low coefficient of friction, and a very high resistance to abrasion.Photo: Saint