MC Tested: Motul E9 Wash and Wax Spray

A dry-surface cleaner that leaves your fairings shiny and protected.

Motul E9 Bike Wash Spray
For quick cleanups, Motul’s spray cleaner works great. If you bike is thoroughly grimey, however, you’ll want to give it a proper bath and then use this stuff to keep it looking good.Photo: Brody Cox

Riding your motorcycle can be one of the most elating feelings in the world, and most of us take enough pride in our bikes that we want to keep them clean and looking good. Even after a short ride you’re likely to find some accumulation of road dust and bug carcassas, but who wants to wash their bike every day? For light cleanups, Motul’s E9 Wash & Wax spray is a good option.

Motul’s spray-on cleaner removes any evidence of grime and gunk while administering a protective wax coating. Although washing a motorcycle with soap and water can be helpful, it is not required as a precursor in order for this spray to be effective. Advertised to work on fairings, tanks, frames and swing arms, the spray goes on in a full cone pattern and covers the targeted surface evenly. Work the spray in with a clean cloth, wait a minute, flip the cloth over, buff it away, and that's all it takes!

Dealerships, garages and other similar venues housing multiple motorcycles can benefit from the protection Motul's Wash & Wax provides. After one coat, dust and floating specs are less likely to cling to painted plastic and metal surfaces, and the spray leaves a mild citrus scent that can be far more inviting than grease and harsh chemical cleaners.

Straightforward and efficient, Motul's Wash & Wax spray is a useful addition to any garage. Be sure to keep it away from seats, though, as it can leave them rather slippery, and be sure overspray stays away from tires and brakes.

Motul E9 Wash & Wax
PRICE: $9.95

VERDICT: A quick, easy, and effective way to keep your bike looking good.