Motorcycle Tool Kits

We review 10 motorcycle tool kits that are better than your OE kit.

Motorcycle Tools Kits
Motorcycle Tools KitsAnimated GIF by Julia LaPalme

It's like going on a picnic to make it rain: Take off on a motorcycle ride without tools and you'll inevitably need them. But OE tool kits don't always include the tools to do anything but the most basic maintenance and repairs. For more involved jobs you need a fully equipped motorcycle tool kit, maybe even one whose contents are selected with your particular bike in mind. Here are eight ways to help make sure you ride home on two wheels and not in the cab of a tow truck.

Aerostich Premium Adventure Tool Roll Set
Aerostich Premium Adventure Tool Roll SetPhoto: Aerostich

The Aerostich Premium Tool Roll Set comes with a spark-plug socket tool that works with three sizes of plugs, a wrench T-handle with a magnetic hex end for the included bits and sockets, a ratchet with 3/8-inch and ¼-inch drive adapters, and six hand wrenches. A magnetic area in the case's top flap secures small parts during roadside repairs, and there's even space inside to add a few items. ($150.00,

Bikemaster 17-Piece Tool Kit
Bikemaster 17-Piece Tool KitPhoto: Bikemaster

The Bikemaster 17-Piece Tool Kit comes with six open-end wrenches, a combo wrench, an adjustable wrench, locking pliers, a 6-in-1 screwdriver, a 10-piece metric hex-key set, a flashlight, and a three-way spark-plug socket. A pencil-type tire-pressure gauge and a spark-plug gapping tool are also included. It all comes in a sturdy tool bag. ($65.95,

CruzTOOLS BMW Road Tech B1
CruzTOOLS BMW Road Tech B1Photo: CruzTOOLS

The CruzTOOLS Road Tech B1 kit comes with top-grade wrenches, hex keys, vise grips, a tire-pressure gauge, an adjustable wrench, a spark-plug socket, and other specialized tools tailored to BMWs. It all comes in a sturdy roll-up pouch for handy storage. ($115.00,

CruzTOOLS DMX1 Off-Road Tool Kit
CruzTOOLS DMX1 Off-Road Tool KitPhoto: CruzTOOLS

The DMX1 is CruzTOOLs' ultimate off-road kit. Along with a long list of tools and supplies like wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, locking and needlenose pliers, electrical tape, cable ties, tire levers, and mechanic's wire, it comes with a stout and functional pouch with a super-tough shell, top-grade hardware and zippers, and plenty of storage including a mesh cash and document pocket. There's even a shop towel. ($109.95,

CruzTOOLS Road Tech H-D Tool Kit
CruzTOOLS Road Tech Harley-Davidson Tool KitPhoto: CruzTOOLS

The CruzTOOLS H-D Road Tech comes with mechanic-grade tools including combo, hex, and adjustable wrenches, locking pliers, a min-ratchet and sockets, Torx keys, a 6-in-1 screwdriver with bits, electric tape, mechanic's wire, and thread locker. A sturdy polyester case is included. ($109.95,

Harley-Davidson Snap-On Tools Kit
Harley-Davidson Snap-On KitPhoto: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson's Snap-On tool kit is designed specifically for most 2000-and-later H-D models. It includes hex keys, box-end and open-end wrenches, a ratchet and sockets, pliers, a multi-tip screwdriver, a spark-plug socket, and a gapping tool. The compact kit rolls up into a pouch for easy transport, and comes with a lifetime warranty. ($219.95,

Motion Pro MP Tool Metric
Motion Pro MP Metric Tool KitPhoto: Motion Pro

A compact tool kit for on-the-trail repair or adjustments, the Motion Pro MP Metric can be used to tighten or remove bolts, screws, and hex bolts. It comes with a ¼-inch and 3/8-inch socket driver, and can be upgraded by adding your own sockets. A hard nickel pewter finish is standard, and a handy carrying case is included. Replacement bits are available separately. ($58.99,

Motion Pro Standard motorcycle tool kit
Motion Pro MP Standard Tool KitPhoto: Motion Pro

The MP Standard tool kit is deigned for roadside adjustment or service on bikes or ATVs that use SAE hardware. It comes with straight-slot and Phillips screwdrivers, Allen and Torx bits, and 7/16-inch and ½-inch drive sockets. It comes in a durable nylon carrying case with a belt loop. ($19.99,

Oxford Tool Kit
Oxford Tool KitPhoto: Oxford Products

Oxford's tool kit comes with 28 tools to meet almost every roadside emergency, including sockets and a socket driver, hex keys, screwdrivers, and wire cutters. The compact carry case is designed to fit under most seats. ($18.95,

Stockton Roadside Motorcycle Tool Kit
Stockton Roadside Tool KitPhoto: Cycle Gear

The Roadside Tool Kit comes in metric or standard versions, and includes combination wrenches, a ball-end Allen socket set, 3/8-inch sockets, a set of Torx wrenches, locking and needlenose pliers, screwdrivers, safety wire, electrical tape, fuses, cable ties, and fuel hose. It comes in an organizer that rolls up to fit in most saddlebags and storage areas. ($39.95,