Motorcycle Insurance Guide Review

The deal with premiums, deductibles, discounts, and fine print

Motorcycle insurance reviews
A company that researches insurance for us? Yes please!Photo: Julia LaPalme

Who likes shopping for insurance? Not us, that’s for sure. Every company claims to be the best, or the best at something, leaving consumers like us to guess at which piece of the customer experience is most important. Then there are the inner workings of premiums, claims, deductibles, various discounts, and secrets laid into all of the fine print in between.

Lucky for us, the folks over at took it upon themselves to research this very topic. They sniffed around in all of the nooks, crannies, and corners of major insurance company policies and distilled important facts for consumers to know. And, just like middle-school algebra, they showed their work—that means they don't just shell out advice, they actually describe how they eliminated contestants. To name just a few topics: They discuss which parts of certain policies are important, how geography and demographics can affect cost, and even which websites are easiest to use.

As an example, found that even among its top picks, there was a variance of more than $600 between policies. So much hangs in the balance of selecting good insurance for your machine, and it can be hard to tell what is good advice and what's pure marketing. We found this resource to be a helpful one, and we hope it helps you too!