Bell Moto-3 and Simpson Outlaw Bandit Motorcycle Helmets

Old-School Style, New Tech: Retro-revival helmets from Bell and Simpson.

Bell helmet vs Simpson helmet
Bell Moto-3 versus Simpson Outlaw BanditJulia LaPalme

An old helmet has loads of nostalgic charm but offers little in the way of protection. Over time, the EPS liner degrades and loses its ability to safeguard your cranium. When that happens, you want to consign that obsolete bucket to a shelf. Should you still yearn for a throwback helmet with a cool factor equal to that of your modern-retro motorcycle, these lids combine classic looks with contemporary safety.

Bell’s recently reissued Moto-3 faithfully mirrors the original 1979 design. Offering the same basic silhouette, the modern version adds a removable and washable comfort liner and an ECE rating. With a wide-view eyeport that welcomes a pair of goggles, the Moto-3 is equally at home at a vintage MX race as it is on your new Street Scrambler.

Looking for something that flows a little better with the old-school street crowd? The Outlaw Bandit from Simpson also draws stylistic cues from its predecessors while including a modern liner, updated safety standards, and slight alterations to the shell for a more streamlined, aerodynamic appearance.

While old-timey designs retain a certain aesthetic that’s not lost on a new generation of riders, helmets from bygone eras are best suited as conversation starters and shelf art. The up-to-date protection and looks of the Moto-3 and Outlaw Bandit are proof positive that vintage-style gear can turn heads and protect them.

Bell Moto-3
Safety Rating: DOT, ECE
Colors: Classic Black, Classic Flo Orange, Classic Red, Independent Matte Titanium, Classic White, Classic Yellow, Chemical Candy Black/Gold

Simpson Outlaw Bandit
Safety Rating: DOT, Snell M
Colors: Black, Matte Black, White